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UPVC WINDOWS DOORS and Range of Colours

  • Aesthetic sense in soft-line contours.
  • Ease and steadiness of glass fixation.
  • Unique groove design facilitating gasket installation.
  • Water collection pits.
  • Smooth and beveled bottom of rebate allows perfect drainage.
  • Allows the use of single or double glazing.
  • Highly efficient gasket in view of air permeability and tightness against wind driven rain.
  • Easy-to-install glazing beads.
  • Same reinforcement steel for both sash and outer frame.
  • Soft-lines also in indoor surface.
  • Durable fittings from Germany.
  • Excellent sound/heat resistance due to multi-chamber system
Increasing energy, prices and growing environmental consciousness lead to the expectation that the trend of using UPVC windows and doors will continue worldwide on a long term basis. On this premise, a greater number of people now are considering the use of UPVC windows and doors for their requirements. Listed hereunder are some of the distinct advantages of its use and its performance in comparison with its metal counterpart.
    • Energy Saving
      as compared to a single glazed metal window without thermal break, the following shows the improvement of the u-Value:
      • UPVC window, single glazed – 22%
      • UPVC window, with 24mm double glazing – 55%
      • UPVC window, with special thermal insulation double glazing – 76 %
      • For the total window surface of a building, the savings of energy are in the same percentage as in the improvement of the U-values as mentioned above. By improving the type of glazing being used, not only do we get these improvements in the energy savings but also minimize the use of air-conditioning units thereby offering more economical benefits.
    • Thermal and Noise insulation
      UPVC frames have high thermal and acoustic insulation performance which can further be enhanced by the use of special sealed glass units.

    • Air Permeability and Water Tightness
      the glazing seal and casement seal vanish optically as much as possible due to the slim design . Only one type of gasket is used for glazing and internal and external sealing. This gasket is highly efficient in view of air permeability and tightness against wind driven rain. Due to the welding of the corner joints and these twin counterbalanced gaskets, this UPVC windows can withstand pressures greater than 600 Pa for a minimum of 5 minutes which can be referred to as the maximum test pressure.

    • Durability
      UPVC is made up of organic compound that is why it can be considered as a rotproof material. It does not corrode unlike metal windows and would not definitely absorb moisture. It has strong resistance to warping, twisting or splitting which is particularly evident at extreme temperatures like the UAE. ‘Impact modified’ UPVC is treated with special additives making it extremely tough and durable through years of use.

    • Cost Competitive
      The worldwide trend towards UPVC windows and doors is based on the certainty that, with the right formulation, UPVC profiles will – apart from being low cost to produce and to fabricate almost effortlessly – provide years of maintenance-free service. And by saving energy, it contributes to protecting the environment. Recycled PVC frames can also be reextruded into new profiles; this is already proven and done in Europe particularly in Germany today.

    • Comprehensive Designs
      The possibilities of designs are almost boundless. Suitable designs can be tailor-made to satisfy every architect or individual requirements. It provides total flexibility , offering a complete choice of styles, shapes and sizes. The visual appearance is elegant, simple and keeping with the latest architectural requirements.

    • Environment-friendly
      UPVC profiles are absolutely recyclable. It can be used over and over again thereby minimizing the harsh effect on the environment. It has no adverse effect on the rainforests and most probably would be the best alternative to using wood or metal windows and doors Typically UPVC Profiles are lead stabilized, however lead is poisonous and caused environmental damages. Thus, we are using CALCIUM/ZINC stabilizer system which replaced lead and make our UPVC product completely lead-free.

    • Window frame material PVC - safe in hot climate
      PVC special formulation, higher stabilized for hot climatic zones - Not affected by high temperatures or high global radiation (Abu Dhabi 200 to 220 kcal/cm2/year) - PVC windows in Riad / Saudi Arabia (230 kcal/cm2/year) since more than 20 Years (e. g. AL ENJAZ) - PVC windows in Johannesburg / South Africa (Global radiation190 kcal/cm2/year) since more than 20 Years (e. g. AL ENJAZ)

    • Hardware used by AL MIMARI
      AUBI-SIEGENIA, tested in all important properties including salt spray test (corrosion test), performance of opening and closing. (please find attached CD)

    • Price Comparison between UPVC, Aluminium
      Thermal Break & Normal Aluminium When using the same glass and the same hardware accessories according to Standards, we have evaluated the average saving in price as follows: - 25% less compared to Aluminium Thermal Break - 15% less compared to Normal Aluminium

      20 years full warranty for all physical changes which may occur in the PVC profile. - 20 years full warranty for discoloration in the UPVC profile according to ASTM 4726, DIN and RAL-FZ716/1 - 2 years free maintenance

  • AL MIMARI Range of Colours
    Colourful and lively themes have become a trending portrayal of modern architecture. Hence, in addition to typical white UPVC finish, we can also offer you alternative colours to suit your design needs and to enable you to set interesting accents. Base on standard UPVC profile extrusion procedures, we have formulated three (3) additional colours based on typical RAL colour as follows; 1. RAL 9016 (white) 2. RAL 9001 (cream) 3. RAL 1001 (Beige) z 4. RAL 1019 (grey beige) Grey Beige In addition to the above RAL colours, we also offer Wooden Laminated Golden Oak Colour, based on special process produce on foil lamination, in accordance to our supplier M/s LG Hausys’s exterior foil specifications. Wooden Laminated 1. Mahogany 2. Walnut 3. Golden Oak White